Love Autumn

No doubt you've noticed the crisper mornings, cooler evenings and the fact you've had to put the heater on in the car and desperately trying to resist putting the central heating on!   The nights are drawing in ridiculously quick and it feels like there is less time in the evenings.  How come it felt like there was hours to sit in the garden and let the kids play on the trampoline before bedtime in the summer?  7am now feels like the middle of the night as the sun hasn't lulled you into a slow wakefulness and the birds are taking their time to perform their morning chorus!

Autumn is upon us but that doesn't mean your summery disposition has to fade! Read on to get the best out of this season so you are not counting the days till spring! Love Autumn and boost your mental wellbeing.

Go Outside

Go outside and savour the moment. Experience the crunching of leaves beneath your feet.  Notice the beauty of your environment as the season changes and prepares itself for winter.

The October sun can still be strong and particularly bright so be sure to top up your vitamin D levels when you can.  If you have children, take them outside for a walk and go on a nature trail.  Encourage and engage children in being conscious of the 'here and now' by talking about what sounds they can hear, what colours they can see and what smells are in the air.  This is great practice for them in boosting self awareness and appreciation of what is around them.  Fabulous for you as well, as you are able to unwind and slow down too.

You can collect leaves and other items for a scrapbook and other creative activities, teach the children how to play with conkers and take photos galore to build on those memories.  

Go walking at different times of day in the autumn to soak up what the season has to offer - be sure to catch the many vivid sunsets and beautiful skylines.  During the day, shadows lengthen as the season goes on - another opportunity for a game with the kids, chasing and stepping on shadows!

"The small but intense pleasure of walking through dry leaves and kicking them up as you go…they rustle, they bristle, they crackle…"

Vita Sackville-West

Plant some bulbs - daffodils are just right to put in the ground or tubs in October.   Tulips are best planted in November.  By doing this you can take some enjoyment in preparing for spring and reaping the benefits of spending a bit of time now for a fab display in a few months. 

Halloween & Bonfire Night

These two celebrations are a major part of the autumnal calendar.  I personally love both, however I appreciate that there are elements to them that flare a cause for worry in some.  For example, pets and fireworks aren't a great mix are they?!  

If you love these events, then there is no advice needed, however if you are slightly averse, then think about how best you can manage these dates so that they do not cause concern for you.  There are lots of safety tips on the internet and from local authorities about both.

There is still plenty of fun, beauty and creativity to be had with Guy Fawkes and Halloween, so do check to see what is on locally near you as an opportunity to engage with others and soak up the atmosphere.  Get carving those pumpkins!

Be Prepared

If you haven't already, it's time to put the cosy, thicker duvet on the bed!  Sort out all of the summer clothes and put them away and replace them with your autumnal favourites! 

Do you have scarves, gloves, hat and warm footwear?  What about those wellies?  If not or they've got a bit old, have some fun at the shops acquiring your new goods.  Just make sure you've got what you need to keep warm so you can go outside and enjoy the season. 

Other Reasons to Love Autumn!

Dew covered cobwebs - Heartier dinners (shepherds pie, pie and mash) - Letting your significant other hug you at night! - Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows - Your favourite cardigan or jumper! Television programmes are better! Christmas is around the corner!

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