What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a great way of dealing with a specific issue which is causing you stress or emotional discomfort. The hypnotherapist will talk with you about what you would like help with, such as exam stress or weight loss. The hypnotherapist will then use exercises to induce relaxation and a trance state.

In a deep state of relaxation, the unconscious mind is more open and receptive to new ideas or new suggestions which in turn then influence consciousness.

The term hypnosis comes form the word 'hypnos', a Greek word meaning sleep. However don't be worried that you would not be in control during hypnotherapy - you are still very much aware of your environment and can choose to come out of a trance state at any time.

Hypnotherapy can be really effective in treating many different presentations from weight issues, managing stress to pregnancy/birth anxieties and giving up smoking.

How hypnosis works video
How hypnosis works video

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